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Struggling to get rid of chin fat through diet and exercise? You’re not alone. Fat in this area can be nearly impossible to eliminate through weight loss alone. Liposuction treatments offer patients an alternative to traditional methods, but these can be painful, expensive, and involve extensive downtime. KYBELLA® is a new non-invasive, injectable alternative to liposuction for patients interested in getting rid of chin fat without surgery or lengthy downtime.

KYBELLA® is just a small part of Princeton Plastic Surgeons’ commitment to providing patients with comprehensive treatment options that work for them. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

What is KYBELLA®?

KYBELLA® is the first and only injectable treatment that is FDA approved to reduce or eliminate excess fat on the chin. Also referred to as submental fullness, this fat can be particularly frustrating to get rid of. Before KYBELLA®, patients had to undergo a painful surgical liposuction to do it; now, they can get rid of this excessive fat through a simple injectable treatment that takes only minutes to complete.

How Does it Work?

profile_hispanic_womanThe secret to KYBELLA®’s widespread success is a simple molecule that is naturally occurring in the human body: deoxycholic acid. When it is produced in the body, this acid is used to help breakdown and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the chin, it works in much the same way: the deoxycholic acid breaks down fat cells and aids in expelling them from the body.

While traditional weight loss only shrinks the size of pre-existing fat cells, KYBELLA® destroys them entirely. This helps decrease the patient’s ability to regain fat in the chin area for good so that get a defined, youthful-looking profile that lasts.

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

KYBELLA® treatments are relatively well tolerated, taking only a short 15 minutes to complete. Most patients see visible results within 2-4 treatment sessions. While there is a brief period of social downtime following each injection appointment, recovery is significantly faster and easier than that of a liposuction treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

Nearly any man or woman interested in reducing their submental fat is a candidate for a KYBELLA® treatment. However, it’s important for interested patients to keep in mind that this treatment is used to treat submental fat, not loose skin. Because KYBELLA® only destroys fat cells, it can not successfully tighten lax skin or muscles in the neck area.

KYBELLA® is a ground-breaking new way to get rid of double chin fat for good. If you’re interested in learning more about what this exciting procedure can do for you, contact Princeton Plastic Surgeons today to schedule a consultation appointment.


Average cost: $400-$600 (per syringe)

The cost of your kybella procedure will depend on your specific case and if you opt to receive additional treatments or procedures. Please feel free to schedule a private consultation to receive a quote.