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Skin Care Products

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Every person has special skin care needs depending on their skin type, complexion, age, health and environment. Based on the condition of your skin, your lifestyle and goals, Dr. Hamawy will prescribe a skin care regimen tailored to your needs. Quality skin care using professionally prescribed products enhances the results of any procedures and is essential to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

Professional Skin Care Products

Unlike other skin care products that are available on the market, a professionally prescribed skin care regimen will be based on science and stronger formulation to reach below the skin surface and stimulate restoration at a cellular level. This will help correct blemishes and discoloration to promote a healthy glow for soft, more youthful-looking skin.

Dr. Hamawy will help you become educated on skin health and products and prescribe a protocol that’s right for you. Several professional product lines are available in our offices.

Peri-Operative Skin Care

Proper skin care is very important before and after cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to achieve the optimum results. Dr. Hamawy will guide you during the perioperative period. Often, a protocol will be prescribed before your planned surgery or procedure to prepare your skin for the best outcome. After surgery, a maintenance regimen will be recommended to help sustain and maximize the results.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel can be used to treat uneven, wrinkled skin due to aging and exposure to the sun. A solution is applied on the skin to remove the outer damaged layers and stimulate new cell and collagen formation. The results are a smoother, younger appearance. It may also be used for patients with uneven skin pigmentation, freckles, scarring, age spots, or other blemishes.

Chemical peels are most often used on the face, however, they can also be applied on the neck and hands to improve their appearance. Chemical peels are available in different strengths. The chemical peels applied by your doctor are stronger and go deeper than what is used in a regular spa. Deeper peels should be applied by a board-certified physician to minimize the risks and complications.