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ulth_logo_gold_tag_greyHas skin laxity begun to make you look and feel older than you are at heart? If you’re interested in undergoing a non-invasive procedure to correct this looseness, you may want to consider Ultherapy. Ultherapy is an effective method of ultrasound skin tightening offered at Princeton Plastic Surgeons that provides patients with beautiful, long-lasting results.

Our practice is dedicated to providing patients with quality aesthetic care. We understand that cosmetic alteration isn’t just about medical expertise or experience: it’s also about taking a careful, artistic approach to rejuvenation. Contact us today for more information about our practice, or to schedule a consultation appointment.

What is Ultherapy?

ultherapy-machine1Also referred to a Ulthera, Ultherapy is an exciting new ultrasound skin tightening procedure. It is the only procedure FDA-approved to non-invasively lift the skin of the eyebrow, neck, and chin area. It can also be used to tighten the skin the décolletage. This procedure brings patients natural-looking results that make them look and feel younger and healthier.

How Does it Work?

ultherapy-areas-princetonUltherapy works through the time-tested power of ultrasound energy, a technique that has been successfully used in the medical field for the past 50 years. When utilized for cosmetic purposes, ultrasound energy is particularly safe and effective because it passes easily through the uppermost layers of the skin, only heating the deeper tissues of the dermis.

Once ultrasound energy reaches these tissues, the collagen and elastin proteins there begin to coagulate: these proteins are responsible for supporting the structure of the skin, making it fuller and tighter. The coagulation of these essential proteins kicks the body’s healing response into overdrive, causing it to quickly generate new skin cells, elastin, and collagen. Between 2-3 months after treatment, this regeneration manifests itself in the form of tighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.

What can I Expect from Treatment?

Unlike many similar non-invasive skin tightening methods, Ultherapy can be completed in as little as one treatment session. The amount of time this in-office procedure takes depends on the area being treated: the face and neck usually take between 60-90 minutes while chest treatments usually take 30 minutes. When the procedure begins, patients typically only feel minimal discomfort; the ultrasound energy aimed at the skin feels like gentle electrical pricks.

Unlike other skin tightening treatments, Ultherapy involves minimal downtime. While the treatment area may appear flushed at first, this redness typically disappears within a few hours. Other common side effects include swelling, tingling, and tenderness, but these should also disappear soon after treatment. Changes in skin tone, tightness, and fullness should begin to become visible 2-3 months after treatment, with continued improvements through six months.

Am I a Candidate?

Because Ultherapy is so gentle, nearly anyone interested in addressing skin laxity in the eyebrow, neck, chin, and décolletage areas is a potential candidate. During your initial consultation appointment, Dr. Hamawy will take into account your cosmetic goals and current state of health and help decide if Ultherapy is right for you.

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Average cost: $700-$3,000

The cost of your ultherapy procedure will depend on your specific case and if you opt to receive additional treatments or procedures. Please feel free to schedule a private consultation to receive a quote.