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Cellulite Reduction

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Many people have been trying to fight the formation of cellulite for decades, spending countless dollars on endless creams, lotions, and other over-the-counter therapies to restore the youthfulness their skin and erase the dimpled appearance of cellulite—but to little or no avail. Cellulite is formed from several factors made worse by aging, genetics, weight gain.

Cellulite occurs when the body’s natural collagen production is diminished, and collagen (which promotes skin elasticity) that you do possess degrades with age. The connecting tissues and fibers surrounding fat cells also harden beneath the skin over time, and the fat cells become enlarged, causing the dimpled look on the surface of the skin.

About Cellulaze

With the use of the Cellulaze laser, the causes of cellulite, (fat that is not contained by connective tissue, creating skin irregularities,) can be treated without surgery. By applying the laser’s energy directly to affected areas, fat can be leveled out, dimples treated, and collagen-stimulated, to increase your skin’s natural elasticity. This is a simple procedure that normally lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Rather than trying to disguise the outward appearance of cellulite, Cellulaze is a procedure Dr. Hamawy offers that treats the underlying structural and biological changes to help improve your body image. Cellulaze is a minimally-invasive procedure that can permanently erase the appearance of cellulite and give you the youthful, smooth skin you crave.

How it Works

Cellulaze is an FDA-approved procedure employing a laser tool that targets the fat pockets creating the cellulite. The physician creates small incisions in the target areas, and the laser “scalpel” is then inserted under the skin. The scalped is manipulated in order to heat and melt the hardened connective tissues to leave smoother, firmer skin on top. As the Cellulaze device is worked through the fat tissue layer, fibrous fat is severed to leave a smoother appearance.

Fat cells are also shrunken through this heat exposure, which, in turn, triggers the body’s natural collagen production, restoring youthful skin with rejuvenated elasticity. Results are often visible within a single session. Cellulaze also helps patients recover faster and with less pain.

Most over-the-counter cellulite treatments are topical and can’t address the cause of skin dimpling. Cellulite occurs more commonly in women than in men and typically appears on the thighs and abdomen. Although many people assume cellulite is a weight issue, there is more to the story. Fat fibers under the skin pinch fat and skin together to cause the depressions that appear as cellulite. The formation of these fat fibers has been more closely linked to hormones and genetics than to your body fat index. This is why losing additional weight is rarely effective for addressing cellulite.

Benefits of Cellulaze

When you want to deal with cellulite in one of the safest, most effective ways possible, then Cellulaze is exceptionally beneficial. The fact that it deals with the primary cause of cellulite, rather than just treating superficial symptoms, makes it increasingly popular.

You’ll also enjoy:

Younger-Looking Skin

Cellulite is one of the first major signs of aging people tend to experience. Rather than allowing one’s body image to naturally decline, Cellulaze rejuvenates the skin for the long term and helps restore a smoother, vital, youthful appearance.

Higher Confidence

Dimpled skin can easily make a person self-conscious and stress them out when in public places. However, through Cellulaze, this emotional and mental pressure can be released, letting you enjoy a higher quality of life for years to come.

Faster Recovery

Cellulaze doesn’t need nearly as much recovery time as other cosmetic procedures. There is also little-to-no scarring involved, as the incisions can be tiny.


Dr. Hamawy has successfully performed Cellulaze on thousands of patients, making him highly trained and certified in the procedure. It is extremely safe, with minimal risk of health complications.

Targets Cellulite Causes

Rather than just treating the visible symptoms of underlying cellulite formation, Cellulaze deals with the actual biological causes of cellulite: hardened connective tissues, larger fat cells, and collagen loss. This helps patients enjoy more immediate and long-term results, and can address cellulite in multiple body regions at once.

Good Candidates

Cellulaze is a highly effective cellulite treatment, but not everyone with cellulite is a good candidate for the procedure.

If you have reached a stable and relatively healthy weight, and exhibit a moderate amount of skin dimpling due to cellulite build up, then Cellulaze may be the best option. It is most appropriate to address cellulite in the hips, thighs, and buttocks, but cellulite can be found and dealt with elsewhere, on a case-by-case basis.

If you have sagging, lax skin and wrinkles, and are advanced in age, Cellulaze may not be the best option compared to other cosmetic operations. If you are a heavy smoker and drinker, this can contribute to the degradation of skin quality across your entire body, and may minimize or negate some of the results of Cellulaze as well. Cellulaze is also not the best option if you are seeking additional weight loss, as its focus is primarily on the surface appearance of your skin.


While Cellulaze requires far less surgical intervention compared to liposuction, it still involves anesthetics and incisions. However, the anesthetics are locally applied, and the operation is still has a relatively short recovery period. With most cosmetic surgeries, you will be required to cease any smoking and drinking two weeks before the appointment, and must not resume these activities (if you engage in them in the first place) for two weeks following. If you are using any blood thinners such as ibuprofen, or aspirin, these should be stopped as they may negatively interact with your anesthetics.


Because only a tiny laser scalpel is being used, Dr. Hamawy will begin the procedure by applying local anesthesia and making minuscule incisions. The laser thread, attached to a thin tube called a cannula, is then inserted beneath the skin and manipulated to apply heat to the necessary tissue areas. Exposure to the laser will shrink the fat cells and melt the hardened connective tissues while promoting collagen production in the area. Once complete, the cannula is removed, and the incisions are sealed up and bandaged.

Since Cellulaze is an outpatient procedure, Dr. Hamawy’s office recommends having someone arranged to come pick you up and drive you home to begin the recovery process.


Most patients see visible results from Cellulaze within a week of the initial session. It is recommended that you plan to take one or two days off from work immediately following a Cellulaze operation. Many patients schedule their appointments on a Friday, so the majority of initial recovery occurs over the weekend. It is common for patients to have a low-level of bruising, swelling, and sensitivity around the treated areas, but this should dissipate quickly. Compression wraps are often offered to accelerate the healing process, as well as to encourage the new body contours to stabilize.

Patients are able to resume daily activity and return to work within a matter of days, but any intense exercise or other physical activity should be refrained from for at least a week.

Dr. Hamawy also encourages all patients to pursue a healthier exercise and nutrition routine in order to see more long-lasting results from the procedure. Results will be ongoing as the body adjusts to tissue manipulation, and full results can take up to a year after Cellulaze is applied.


Dr. Hamawy goes to great lengths to ensure all his patients are thoroughly informed and prepared for any cosmetic procedure they wish to undergo. During your consultation, you will be able to discuss your personal goals and determine the best techniques that will get you the results you desire most.

He will review your health history, go over other surgeries that might affect this one, and note any prescriptions you may currently be prescribed. Photos and measurements of the target cellulite areas will be taken, both for his reference as well as to provide a contrast via before/after images, so you can be confident the results have been achieved.

Many patients like to discuss these topics during their consultation:

  • What will the procedure cost?
  • How long before I can go back to my normal activity and routines?
  • How much pain should I expect?
  • Will the removed cellulite return anytime soon?
  • Are there other procedures that work well in conjunction with Cellulaze?

If you have any other questions or concerns, Dr. Hamawy will take the time to make sure you are fully comfortable with the procedure you are about to undergo.


In your pre-procedure consultation, you’ll be able to determine the potential costs and fees associated with Cellulaze accurately. There are payment plans or other financing options, should you need.

Prices of Cellulaze procedures will scale according to the amount of cellulite you have and the number of body locations being treated. Scheduling a consultation is the first step to getting a personalized Cellulaze quote.