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Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive surgery is performed on structures of the body that are deformed due to congenital birth defects, trauma, infection, tumors or other diseases. Reconstructive surgery ultimately strives to regain a normal appearance and improve functions.

Dr. Adam Hamawy has wide experience with a variety of reconstructive procedures. Procedures include breast reconstruction, breast reduction for back pain, reconstruction after skin cancer removal or Mohs surgery, scar revisions, burn care, repair of cleft lips and palates, and surgical repair of traumatic facial injuries. Dr. Hamawy is also one of a few select surgeons who performs migraine surgery. Migraine surgery works by releasing the pressure on trigger points after we have identified them, and preventing the migraine from starting, or at least making them occur less often and with less intensity. We want you to return to normal activities as quickly as possible with minimal pain and scarring.

Most health insurance will cover reconstructive surgery, although the level of coverage for specific procedures and between policies may vary greatly.