Is there anything you can do about sun damage?

Q: Samantha from Flemington writes that her mom used to lay in the Sun all the time unfortunately she now had a little sun damage to her skin. Is there something she can do about it that’s not too invasive.

A: Getting sun is probably one of the worst things that you can do for your skin. Those ultraviolet rays, in addition to increasing your risk for skin cancer, will also make your skin look older. So what can you do from the start is always use sunscreen and prevent that damage from happening in the first place. If the damage is done we can repair the skin using certain lasers that could stimulate collagen production and using intense pulse light or what’s called IPL to get rid of those pigmented dark spots on your skin. It’s can be done in an office treatment, takes about 30 minutes, and usually needs about three sessions a few weeks apart to really see some difference.

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